Acrisure Arena has been built to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED v4) standards for Building Design and Construction

In an effort to build a greener future, Acrisure Arena works with world-class sustainability experts to minimize the environmental impact of the venue and become a zero-waste facility, utilizing renewable energy sources and reducing water and electricity consumption.

Supporting Sustainable Touring

The most progressive, responsible, and sustainable venues in the world.

Acrisure Arena utilizes the region’s unique renewable resources to strive for carbon neutrality by 2025.

100% carbon neutral by 2025

Targeting zero waste

Utilizing solar energy to power the venue

  • Upon opening, 25% of the arena’s overall energy demand has come from on-site photovoltaics (P.V.).
  • Solar-covered parking canopies supply power to the arena as well as provide shading for outdoor thermal comfort.
  • Targeting Zero Waste by diverting 97%+ from landfill.
  • Building is sunk 25’ below grade reducing exposed exterior facade and further increasing energy efficiency.


  • Acrisure Arena intends on being 100% carbon neutral by 2025, once net metering is established by the local utility.
  • Upon opening, the arena has offsetted all carbon emissions from natural gas use and non-renewable electricity from a reputable conservation organization.
  • Acrisure Arena encourages the use of mass transit and carpooling.
    • The arena has a drop-off, pick up area to support this initiative.
  • Upon opening, ~25% of the arena’s overall energy demand has come from on-site P.V.
  • Solar covered parking canopies supply power to the arena as well as provide shading for outdoor thermal comfort.
  • All products meet the requirements of SCAQMD (South Coast Air Quality Management District) VOC limits for Interior adhesives, sealants, and coatings, which meets LEED V4 requirements for indoor air quality.


  • The intended goal of having no zero use plastics by 2024.
  • The goal of being a Zero Waste facility by targeting a 97%+ diversion from Landfills
  • Crafted concrete specification to permit low carbon concrete.

Power & Energy

  • Acrisure Arena intends to have solar powered outdoor lighting.
    • Walkways will be lit with solar 
  • Reflective “cool” roof material to reduce heat gain.
  • Eliminated glazing at south and west façade to reduce heat gain and provide a more energy efficient exterior.
  • The arena will use top-of-the-line sensor technology to ensure that lights within the building are off when unused. 
  • The lighting will be LED lighting within the building. 
  • All appliances within the building will be Energy Star Efficient.


  • Acrisure Arena has reduced the water consumption by 40% as standard to other buildings of its size for typical use by using low flow plumbing.
  • Waterless urinals in public men’s restrooms
  • As part of the overall site-specific plan, the 100-year storm runoff from the Arena project will be retained on the property to reduce the overall runoff leaving the site.
  • One third of the project will utilize infiltration trenches that will capture and infiltrate the storm. water runoff, recharging the groundwater supply
  • The rest of the site features vegetated swales that are incorporated into the site landscape. These swales will recharge the groundwater supply and provide passive irrigation to the planting within them.


  • Partnering with the building concessionaire, OVG360 Hospitality, all food waste from both front of and back of the house will be distributed to local food banks after all events.


The arena targets the following goals for supply sustainable, local, and healthy foods:

  • Source 75% of food ingredients within a 300-mile radius based on seasonality 
  • Source house wines locally
  • Craft beer sourced locally
  • Produce is certified USDA Organic where applicable
  • 100% eggs from cage-free hens
  • Seafood meets Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Sustainable Seafood Watch rating
  • Antibiotic- and hormone-free proteins where applicable
  • Grass-fed beef where applicable
  • Plant-based proteins include vegan and vegetarian offerings
  • Coffee is Rainforest Alliance or Fair-Trade certified
  • Heart-healthy oils
  • No trans fats or high-fructose corn syrup where applicable
  • Foods with minimized saturated fat added sugar and sodium 
  • Eliminate single-use plastic packaging and use only compostable products that meet the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) certification (i.e., straws, stir sticks, dishware, cutlery, to-go packaging) 
  • Paper products contain at least 30% post-consumer content (office paper, napkins, paper towels, tissue, etc.
  • Energy Star- and WaterSense-rated equipment and fixtures where applicable