GA Floor Instructions

Acrisure Arena is excited to welcome Santa Fe Klan to Greater Palm Springs this Saturday, August 5, 2023!

Heat Warning


* WHAT…Dangerously hot conditions with high temperatures from 110 to 118-degrees.

* WHERE…Coachella Valley (Greater Palm Springs)

* IMPACTS…Extreme heat will significantly increase the potential for heat related illnesses, particularly for those working or participating in outdoor activities.

GA Wristbands

For guests with tickets on the General Admission floor, you have the OPTION to arrive and start forming a line starting at 5pm PT.

GA Floor ticket holders will line up starting at the pink star indicated on the below map. As you arrive, we will scan your ticket and provide you a wristband. When doors open at 6pm, you will be quickly escorted directly into the arena and down to the floor in the order in which you are lined up.

GA Floor holders are NOT required to line up after doors open. Please do not lineup before 4pm when our parking lots open.

Acrisure Arena is located in an isolated area of the desert. No camping or overnight parking allowed. Water services, shade, and restrooms will not be available before Acrisure Arena doors open at 6PM.

SFK GA Pit Map
About Our

Acrisure Arena is located in the heart of the Coachella Valley desert.

There are NO AMENITIES nearby the arena. Closest hotels, restaurants, and stores are 1 mile away on Cook Street and 3 miles away on Washington Street. In 110+ degrees, this is not walkable.

If you choose to line-up, please bring water, sun protection, and plan accordingly.


Camping is not allowed. Camping is strictly prohibited on our property. No overnight parking. All vehicles will be towed at the Owner’s expense.

Save 20% when purchasing your parking pass in advance!

NOTE:: GA Floor Ticket Holders do not need to pay for parking if arriving between 8am-12pm to secure your numbered wristband. Please be advised that after 3pm, you will need to have purchased parking for the Event. Guest who remain parked after 3pm or arrive to park after 3pm must pay to park.

To safeguard from fraudulent tickets and to improve entry time, Acrisure Arena is a mobile-only ticketing venue. 

  • Your mobile phone is your ticket. 
  • Printouts or screenshots will not be permitted or work with our ticket scanners. 

Easy entry for Santa Fe Klan: 

  1. Access your digital ticket via the Acrisure Arena/CV Firebirds app, Ticketmaster app, Google Pay Wallet, or Apple Wallet.
  2. Scan the ticket barcode or tap your ticket via NFC.
  3. You’re in. Welcome to the show!

 The official Acrisure Arena/CV Firebirds app is available for Apple and Android.

Flags, signs and banners without hardware are permitted. We ask that all guests be mindful of flag, sign and banner size so as not to interfere with other guests’ enjoyment of the show. No signs or flags larger than 11″x17″. Flagpoles and sticks will not be permitted inside the venue, nor will flags, signs and banners with obscene or offensive language, logos, images or references.

Any gifts brought for the artist will be collected outside the main entrance and will be a direct donation to local charities and all cards will be immediately recycled.

Please view our A-Z Guide for a complete list of Prohibited Items HERE.

You are welcome to bring small bags into Acrisure Arena that meet the following criteria:

  1. Bags made of a clear material, not exceeding 14″ x 14″ x 6″ in size, and no more than 2 pockets
  2. Small clutches/purses/wallets are permitted provided that they do not exceed 4.5″ x 6.5″ with or without a handle or strap
  3. Bags required for medical necessity or diaper bags may be allowed based on supervisor approval. Please refer guest to a supervisor for further direction.

All bags are subject to search upon entry to the facility by security personnel. Any bag which does not meet the above standards or qualify for an exemption will not be allowed into Acrisure Arena.

You are welcome to take photos and videos with your mobile device. Guests may not bring professional photographic equipment into Acrisure Arena. Guests are prohibited from engaging in commercial photography of any kind without the prior approval of Acrisure Arena Management. 

Permitted: Disposable cameras, Polaroids and cameras without detachable lenses (i.e. your smartphone)

Prohibited:  Monopods or tripods, cameras with interchangeable lenses, cameras with lenses greater than 3 ½ inches in length, or recording equipment (aside from smartphones) – for audio, image, or video recording purposes (this includes professional cameras as well as cameras with detachable lenses regardless of length).

No media, press, or photographer credentials are available.

Rideshare (Uber/Lyft) is limited throughout the Coachella Valley. Schedule your ride in advance! We encourage fans to consider carpooling or utilizing a Rideshare service to avoid traffic, save on gas and parking, and reduce your carbon footprint. Acrisure Arena has a dedicated Rideshare area on the north side of the building (opposite Varner Rd) conveniently located just outside the Main Entrance.

Parent/Guardian Drop Off

Fans being dropped off at Acrisure Arena should use the Rideshare lane. Your Parent/Guardian or Driver will be provided a printed handout with detailed instructions on where to wait to pick you up and how to pick you up.


Address: 75702 Varner Rd., Palm Desert, 92211 >> MAP IT

Acrisure Arena is easily accessible off the I-10 interstate from either the Cook Street exit or the Washington Street exit. We are on the north side of I-10, located on Varner Road. Varner runs parallel along I-10 between Cook and Washington.

From Cook Street – turn right (traveling east) on Varner Road. Acrisure Arena will be on your left. VIP Lot B / Ride Share Drop Off / Pick Up is your first left. VIP Lot A is your second left. Main Parking is the third left.

From Washington Street – turn left onto Varner Road (traveling west). Acrisure Arena will be 2.5 miles down on your right. Main Parking is your first and second right turn. VIP Lot A is your third right. VIP Lot B and Ride Share Drop Off / Pick Up is your fourth right.

Area map of roads leading to Acrisure Arena