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Los Temerarios
Los Temerarios
Date: August 9, 2024 @ 8:00 PM
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Los Temerarios will perform at Acrisure Arena on August 9, 2024.

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A message from Los Temerarios, Adolfo Ángel Alba y Gustavo Ángel Alba:

With the love that has united us since we were children, the same feeling for the work we have had the privilege to do for more than 46 years, we want to share the newsthat we have made the difficult decision to separate musically, thus closing one of the most important and rewarding cycles of our lives.

As a thank you to our fans, we will complete our last tour together, and we will do it with the same love and respect with which we have always done it.

With the goal of thanking our public for all their love that we will be eternal recipients of, the dates already scheduled for September and November 2023 will be kept and then we will add new concerts in Mexico, the United States and some Central and South American countries during 2024.

We are eternally grateful to the public that has so generously welcomed our music into their hearts and who have been the engine and inspiration of our career. To the media, who have supported us with respect and integrity during all these years. To the promoters and collaborators who are part of this project, whose mission is to expand our music made in honor of love, grace and the mystery that unites us and gives meaning to life.

Everything that we express from this moment on will be through our music on the stages of our next concerts where we will provide the best of ourselves.

With deep gratitude,
Adolfo Ángel Alba y Gustavo Ángel Alba
Los Temerarios

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