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Acrisure Arena in Greater Palm Springs

Acrisure Arena In Greater Palm Springs Marks A Spectacular First Year: Reshaping Southern California’s Entertainment Landscape

Acrisure Arena in Greater Palm Springs

World-Class Venue Welcomes More Than 800K Guests Through its Doors
During Monumental First Year in Operation

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Sold Out Events Include Chris Rock & Dave Chappelle, Eagles, Lakers, Grupo Firme,
Professional Bull Riders, Paramore, WWE and More

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Top-Selling Food & Beverage Items at Acrisure Arena Include
Pretzels, Shaq’s Chicken, and buzzbox Premium Cocktails

As Acrisure Arena in Greater Palm Springs, Southern California’s newest cultural landmark and award-winning venue, commemorates its first anniversary, we reflect on an extraordinary year of entertainment and sports that have truly transformed the cultural and entertainment landscape of the entire Coachella Valley region. Welcoming more than 800,000 guests through its doors in its inaugural year, Acrisure Arena has rapidly evolved into the heartbeat of the community, offering unparalleled experiences, setting new standards in live entertainment, and leaving an indelible mark on the region’s cultural identity.

In its groundbreaking first year, Acrisure Arena welcomed an array of chart-topping artists, sold-out shows, and memorable performances that captivated audiences, embodying the spirit of the Coachella Valley. As the official home of the AHL’s Coachella Valley Firebirds, the arena proudly hosted the team’s regular season and playoff games, resulting in selling out six games with the Firebirds going all the way to Game 7 in the 2023 Calder Cups Finals in its inaugural season. Under Acrisure Arena’s roof sits the Berger Foundation Iceplex, which has welcomed 75,000 ice skaters and hockey players through the combination of the daily public skates, learn to skate and learn to play classes, local hockey leagues including the Junior Firebirds, and more. The unique blend of sports and entertainment also extends to food and beverage milestones, with fan favorites such as Pretzels, Shaq’s Chicken, and buzzbox Premium Cocktails topping the charts.

The echoes of laughter from sold-out comedy nights with Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle resonated alongside iconic performances from the Eagles, Harry Styles, John Mayer, Grupo Firme, Paramore, and many more. The arena’s vibrant atmosphere became a gathering place for music enthusiasts, sports fans, and families alike, proving to be more than just a venue but a cultural hub that thrives on the energy of its diverse audience.

John Page, senior vice president of Acrisure Arena, reflected on the arena’s inaugural year, emphasizing, “Acrisure Arena’s journey over the past year transcends more than just entertainment; it symbolizes a transformative force that binds communities together. The resonance of cheers, laughter, and shared moments within our walls speaks to the profound impact of live experiences in fostering connections and creating lasting memories. Acrisure Arena isn’t merely a venue; it’s a dynamic space where people from all walks of life converge to celebrate the universal language of music, sports, and entertainment. It stands as a living testament to the extraordinary power that the arts wield in uniting, inspiring, and enriching the cultural fabric of Greater Palm Springs. As we look ahead to 2024, we are committed to building on this legacy, and curating experiences that both entertain and contribute meaningfully to the vibrant tapestry of our community,”

As the impressive statistics unfold, Acrisure Arena’s influence becomes even more apparent with the numbers telling a remarkable story of the venue’s impact on the community. With 54 unique concerts and events, including 24 sell-outs, the arena has become a dynamic space for entertainment. From the pulsating beats of Latin music to the classic rhythms of rock, the diverse lineup of 64 events plus home hockey games has contributed to more than 800,000 tickets sold and a staggering $50M+ in gross ticket sales.

Beyond the statistics, Acrisure Arena has garnered prestigious nominations, including Pollstar Best New Venue and Pollstar Best Venue (10,000 seat category). The accolades continue with awards like “Best Place to see a Concert – Inland Empire” from the Los Angeles Times and “Best Concert Venue” and “Best Local Event” from the Desert Sun, establishing the arena as an integral part of the community and live industry.

Among the highlights, Acrisure Arena set records during the Acrisure Classic, making history with the clash between Michigan State Spartans and Arizona Wildcats, drawing 5,183,000 viewers and becoming the most-watched college basketball game ever on FOX.

As we celebrate and reflect on its inaugural year of achievements, Acrisure Arena has emerged as a dynamic force, showcasing the profound impact of live entertainment in uniting communities. With the anticipation of a future filled with even more exhilarating events and experiences, the path ahead in 2024 will continue to solidify Acrisure Arena’s role as the heart and soul of the Coachella Valley.

Concerts and Events stats include:

  • 54 unique concerts/events have played off.
  • 24 concerts/events have sold out.
  • 18 unique concerts/events currently on sale.
  • 64 total non-hockey events played off or currently on sale so far
    • 2 Comedy
    • 9 Classic Rock
    • 16 Latin
    • 5 Pop
    • 1 R&B
    • 3 Alternative
    • 2 Adult Contemporary
    • 3 Country
    • 5 Sporting Events
    • 8 Family Shows
  • More than 800,000 total tickets sold.
  • More than $50M+ in gross ticket sales
    • Harry Styles – Feb. 1
    • Harry Styles – Jan 31
    • Chris Rock/Dave Chappelle – Dec 14
    • Paramore – July 15
    • NBA Laker vs Suns – Oct 19
  • 11,007 available seats during concerts

Coachella Valley Firebirds stats:

  • Regular Season Games:
    • 72 Total Games
    • 36 ‘home games’ 
    • 4 ‘Home Away From Home’ games
    • 36 away games
  • Playoff Games:
    • 26 Total Playoff games
    • 16 Home Playoff Games
  • Sold Out Games:
    • 6
  • Top 5 Merch Items Sold:
    • Coachella Valley Firebirds Replica Dark CCM Jersey
    • Coachella Valley Firebirds 12-inch Fuego Plush
    • Coachella Valley Firebirds Hoodie Navy Wordmark Cotton
    • Coachella Valley Firebirds Primary Logo Soft Tee – Navy
    • Coachella Valley Firebirds Lets Fly Calder Cup Playoff Tee

Food & beverage milestones include: 

  • 40,523 Total buzzbox Premium Cocktails
  • 13,619 Tanners Burgers
  • 48,675 Boxes of popcorn
  • 45,313 Nachos
  • 44,523 Pretzels
  • 27,098 Ice cream’s served
  • 19,055 Hot Dogs
  • 14,080 buzzbox Firebirds Paloma
  • 12,189 Shaq Big Chicken sandwiches  
  • 240,493 cans of beer 
  • 81,457 bottles of soda
  • 16,617 gallons of draft beer 
  • 19,160 gallons of water 

The arena structure includes: 

  • 2,737 tons of steel
  • Over 26,000 bricks for the retaining wall in loading dock area
  • 7 different types of tile
  • 12 different paint colors
  • Over 657 light fixtures
  • Over 791,285 total pounds of production rigging
  • 12 miles of cooling pipe to keep the ice frozen at Acrisure Arena 
  • 13000 gallons of water is used to build the ice main surface 
  • 274 tractor-trailers were used to bring in staging for shows 
  • 2,155 Acoustic Lapendary Panels covering 10,000 sq feet
  • 182,000 square feet of PVC roofing assembly
  • Largest unit of precast concrete weighs 34,000 pounds
  • 36,000sf Iceplex will feature a 250-spectator seat NHL ice rink
  • 343,975 total yards of dirt have been moved
  • 16,383 total cubic yards of structural concrete
  • 182,000 square feet of PVC roofing assembly

Awards & Nominations 


  • Pollstar Best New Venue
  • Pollstar Best Venue (10,000 seat category)


  • Best in the Southland – Inland Empire (Los Angeles Times) Best Place to see a Concert
  • Best in the Desert (Desert Sun)
    • Best Birthday Party Venue FINALIST – Berger Foundation Iceplex
    • Best Person of the Year FINALIST – John Bolton – Oak View Group
    • Best Local Family Amusement FINALIST – Acrisure Arena
    • Best Concert Venue WINNER – Acrisure Arena
    • Best Local Event WINNER – Acrisure Arena

Additional Notables:

  • ACEC California Honor Award Winner
  • History-Making Acrisure Classic viewership on FOX Sports
    • Michigan State Spartans vs. Arizona Wildcats – 5,183,000 viewers and the most-watched college basketball game ever on FOX.

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One Valley. One Team. Rising Together.